Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kisah Misteri Di ECP...

Hi KC,

Di bawah ini adalah petikan perbualan saya dengan rakan saya yang berbangsa Cina melalui Blackberry MSN, saya 'cut and paste' dan tak edit apa-apa pun. Dia telah ternampak kakak cantik di East Coast Park dua Sabtu lepas. Btw, please use my nick: Helix instead of my real name...thanks


Meng Choo: Hantoo in malay is ghost rite

Helix: Yes

Helix: Right spelling is hantu

Meng Choo: Ok.... Think I saw one on sat :(

Helix: Huh! Where?

Meng Choo: East coast... He just got car mah. So excited last min at night say wan go east coast or not. Then half way on the ulu track path to mcdonalds area, he walk ahead of me wan go toilet. I slowly push stroller......

Meng Choo: Then I walk very very slow... Still in ulu area... Walk past a tree, saw a lady lean on the tree. Hair a bit crinkly but very messy.... Wear a dress, the slit high up the thigh... I was looking at her, wondering is it hantu or human. She keep looking at me. Cold eyes, dead looking.... Then I quickly turn my head and walk further up quickly.... :'(

Helix: Aiyoh...lucky she didn't harm u

Meng Choo: Last nite still can't sleep, swear its hantu

Meng Choo: I think its tat thing leh... Lean on tree somemore..... Look eeriely cold

Helix: dun go to dark and ulu places with baby...not good

Meng Choo: :'(

Helix: She wear white?

Meng Choo: He park very far. Unfamiliar with east coast. Wan go toilet, so we kept walking and walking....

Meng Choo: Can't remb

Meng Choo: But slit high up thigh. Like cheongsam...

Helix: Oh..

Meng Choo: The face is scary. Kept looking at me as I look at her. No expression

Meng Choo: :'(

Meng Choo: I tell myself, if I alone, I can run. But my son sleeping on stroller, how to run

Helix: Think u better go temple... pray a bit

Meng Choo: Yah.

Helix: Think u shld do what's rite..but ur baby didn't cry all nite, rite?

Meng Choo: But 10+pm leh, early to have hantu rite

Meng Choo: He sleeping liao since 9+

Helix: Aiyoh..they can be around anytime leh...aunty saw at the meridien carpark in the morning liao

Meng Choo: Ok. I always think they appear after 12am

Meng Choo: Just impression

Helix: No lah..that's why my wife leaves home on monday afternoon even when her classes start on tues morn as we dun wan her to travel late at nite in her condition now..

Helix: Malay believe that the spirits likes pregnant woman and babies

Meng Choo: But its just abt 150m away from the crowded mcdonalds area.......

Meng Choo: :(

Meng Choo: Yah... Pregnant be careful

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